The SaaS startup Retorio develops an innovative platform for AI-based employee lifecycle management. It helps companies to find suitable candidates for open positions and to further develop their employees in a well targeted way. We ac­companied the product development for more than 1 year and took over all UX / UI design tasks during this time.

Product Architecture

A high-level basic structure bundles a multitude of individual technological features in a product with two areas. Simple user flows make the product easy to understand and use, even for non-experts.

UX/UI Design

Retorio’s UX / UI design enables both a clear evaluation of the collected data in the dashboard, as well as an immersive user experience for the candidates during the individual recorder sessions.



Exercise Builder

"hint supported us in the development of the UX of retorio Training - our new SaaS product. They quickly became part of our team and got straight to work on the complexities and represen­tation of our AI application. Thanks to hint's prototypes, we could always go directly into user testings. Together with their know-how and critical view from the outside, this gave our product a real boost."

Dr. Christoph Hohenberger, CoFounder/MD

UI Styleguide

The detailed UI style guide covers all components of the retorio design system. This saves future development work and accelerates the design of further areas of the platform.

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