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Case Study – volumondo

The Berlin mid-sized company volumondo was facing the challenge to digitize its core business and develop a sustainable strategy for the future. With innovative product solutions, hint facilitated its transformation towards an integrated and digital manufacturing business.



Transformation to a manufacturer of innovative product solutions.


Integrating digital development processes and automated production.


Develop an online B2B distribution with digitalized project management.


volumondo's initial sole business focus was Voluma: a simple connector system, which clamps different kinds of sheet materials in fixed angles. Up until now customers needed to order the specific parts via catalogue and to build the products by themselves.

Auswahl des Produktportfolios von volumondo.

Together with volumondo, we identified the potential of transforming the system's limited principle into an integrated system solution.

Alle Teile der volumondo Produkte sind austauschbar.
Alle Teile bei volumondo Produkten sind austauschbar.

Product design

The products follow our studio's vision: user-centered and sustainable design, which achieves a balance between the analog and digital world. For volumondo this means: Each product is manufactured automatized, build-to-order, and can be easily assembled with just one single tool.

Ein Seitenteil des Sideboards entsteht.

We designed all products for a digital and automatized production. This way, volumondo's business could be secured for the future.

Automated production

hint's newly developed production process allows for a two-step automatized manufacturing based on CAD-data. Thereby, each component is directly linked with its digital twin by QR code.

Unübersichtlicher Katalog von voluma.

Up to now, only the individual Voluma parts have been sold by catalogue. The design and construction of the products was left to the customers.

Online Sales

The entire product range is directly distributed through a B2B online shop. hint digitalized the processes of the B2B project business and merged them into an innovative online project center which, going forward, facilitates straightforward digital project management.




Process analysis, strategy, product design, corporate design, UI / UX, implementation


2018 - 2019