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En passant

En passant is a digital service for urban parcel delivery. It networks the routes of passenger transport with those of parcel transport to make parcel delivery more efficient and user-friendly.

Pop-Up Hub zur Paketentnahme mit App.

The service consists of a mobile app and mobile pop-hubs that are available at public transportation hubs.


The basic idea is to no longer deliver to the recipient at a stationary location, but to integrate him or her into the parcel delivery process on a mobile basis. The recipient picks up his or her parcels on the move, for example when changing trains at the subway station or at the gym in the evening.

6 package levels

Illuminated compartments, space for several shipments

Easy access

Opening via mobile app, access via face ID


Drive, batteries and control

Package safety

Shipments secured by RFID

Access via mobile app

Packages secured by RFID

6 illuminated package levels

Modular chassis

Interaktions Element Privatsphäre Einstellungen En passant.Interaktions Element Privatsphäre Einstellungen En passant.Interaktions Element Privatsphäre Einstellungen En passant.Interaction Element En Passant.Interaction Element En passant.

Real Time Delivery

Maximum transparency

Use of the real-time location. Orders are passed on the way.

Routine Delivery

Moderate privacy

Linking time and location data. Orders are delivered along everyday routines.

Regular Delivery

Maximum privacy

Access to location data. Orders are delivered only to linked locations.

User-centric Delivery

The type of delivery is determined by the data provided by the user. The possible variants range from pickup „en passant“ when changing trains at a pop hub to personal handover of the package by a mobile service provider (pizza delivery boy, cab driver or bicycle courier) who is integrated into the system as an intermediate link.

User Interface Design

App-Screen Einstellung der bevorzugten Zustellung.

Set preferred method of delivery

App-Screen verknüpfte E-Commerce-Konten.

Open pop hub and remove package




Research, conception,
service-design, interface-design